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Earn Passive Income With Ice Vending Machines
Call Today To Save Up To $20K On Your First Machine
Low Cost & High ROI
Your new ice vending machine from The Ice Depot will be about $20,000 cheaper than every other machine on the market. You also won’t have any licensing or franchise fees with us. This means you’ll see a higher return on investment faster than you would with other ice vending machines.
Cost-Effective Dispensing Method
Traditional ice vending machines jam while dispensing. The machines at The Ice Depot use patented drum technology, which is comprised of only a single moving part. This results in no jams or bridged ice and is backed by a 10-year warranty, so you can feel confident your business uses machines that never fail or rack up crippling repair costs.
Unmatched Reliability
Due to their simplicity, our ice vending machines require only minimal weekly and quarterly maintenance. This allows you to allocate funds to other parts of your business, which leads to faster and more expansive growth.
Best in Industry 10-Year Warranty on
Ice Dispensing Method
Increase Your Passive Income
Ice Vending Machines are Great For:
Camp Ground & State Parks
Gas & Service Stations
Shopping Centers & Liquor Stores
“Awesome ice vending machine, and the people behind it are great to work with!” –Peter Cosentino
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